Tuesday, November 30, 2010

My Future Marathons

Listing some of the Marathons I plan to join in the coming years. These are all located in Asia.. for now.

  • Beijing International Marathon
  • Great Wall Marathon
  • Shanghai Marathon
  • Standard Chartered Hong Kong Marathon
  • Macau Marathon


  • Tokyo Marathon
  • Osaka Marathon


  • Standard Chartered Kuala Lumpur Marathon


  • Camsur Marathon
  • Cebu Marathon


  • Singapore Sundown Marathon
  • Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore


  • Taipei Marathon


  • Standard Chartered Bangkok Marathon


  • Standard Chartered Dubai Marathon

Saturday, December 26, 2009

My 2009 Runs

2009 is my year! I have accomplished much this year (blogging is not one of them, hehe..) but most importantly, i have run a lot this year.

I joined a total of 18 runs this year.

May 31 - IE8 Run - 1:10:11

Jan 25 - Happy Run - 26:24

Jan 18 - PSE Bull run
Mar 15 - Run For Their Lives - 49:58
Mar 29 - Pinay In Action
Jul 5 - Milo Marathon Manila Eliminations - 52:29
Jul 12 - Fit & Fun Run - 1:11:06
Jul 26 - Run with M.E. - 49:25
Dec 20 - Philstar Celebrity Run - 49:21

Feb 22 - RUNew - 1:23:56
Jun 7 - Mizuno Infinity Run - 1:20:48
Aug 15 - Kenny's Open Urbanite Run - 1:28:37

Mar 22 - Condura Run - 1:56:45
Jul 19 - Run For Home - 1:51:29
Oct 25 - Adidas KOTR - 2:16:26
Nov 15 - Timex Run - 2:10:19
Nov 29 - New Balance Power Run - 2:07:10

Singapore Marathon - 4:35:39

It goes without saying that the highlight of my run this year is my first full marathon in Singapore. I've finally done it, finally reached my goal of completing 42.195 kilometers. It was so much fun. An experience I want to do over and over again.

Looking forward to more injury-free runs in 2010..

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Run For Home Results

I am Name Unknown!

And I might not be the only one with that name.

Results of last Sunday's "Run for Home" are out. It can be found in this link. You need either your race number or last name in order to check your time. It's not your typical race results as it contains some pretty interesting information about how you did.

What pissed me off was that when I entered my race number, instead of showing my name, it came out as "Name unknown". WTH! You can say that I kinda expected this to happen. Why? Because the day before the run, I received a text message from a guy named Frank from Globe asking for my race number. When I asked him why he needed it, he told me that they forgot to list my name when they gave me my race packet. So I responded and texted him my race number. I guess that didn't help at all because they still failed to identify me.

Anyway, I'm very happy with my run because it's a new PR for me for 21KM. Although I did not meet my goal of 1:45, I'm still happy because I was able to shed off around 5 mins from my last 21KM. And here's proof that I am Name Unknown.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Friday the 13th

Feb 13

Friday the 13th... Eve of Valentine's day...

This is how my day went...

Accompanied Tet to DFA for a personal appearance for Trisha's passport...

Had a meeting for Run@HP at our TWS office...

Had H.B.L.T. Sandwich from The Sandwich Guy... really good and affordable!

Work... work... work...

Had Sandwich again for Dinner at home...

Played with Trisha...

Watched Dora and Desperate Housewives...

Surf... surf... surf... the internet that is... while watching CNN...


And now going to sleep on Valentine's day... it's already Feb 14.

But not after I send a quick work email...

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Run Forest Run

This is also an overdue post.
Last September 28, Tiano and I organized our second charity run. This time we opened it not only for our team but to the entire HP ADSI organization. We had a total of 16 runners (I know that's very few compared to the 400+ population of the organization). But I'd say it was still a success! Why? We were able to raise Php50,250 from 184 pledges for the Haribon Foundation. That's equivalent to 670 new trees!!

So this is to thank all the runners, the people who pledged and the volunteers for helping to make this charitable event successful!

Sharing some pictures during the run.
Before the run

After the run



RFR BannerNext up: HP run!

1st Finsys Fun Run - The Turnover

I know this is long overdue. Last July 12, we went to the National Children’s Hospital and had a formal turnover of our donations to the Kythe Foundation amounting to PhP26,000. On behalf of the organizers of the 1st FinSys run and all the runners, we would like to thank everyone who pledged for this cause. We made a difference to the lives of those children!

Again, THANK YOU for your generosity!

Want to know more about Kythe? Visit their website at www.kythe.org

My 2008 runs

Just wanted to quickly post the runs I participated in last year. Joined a total of 10 races.

January 27 - Bull Run 5K
March 30 - Mizuno Run 10K
April 13 - On Your Mark 10K
May 18 - Run with Pringles 3 miles
June 14 - Finsys Payment Run 8.8K
June 15 - MH All-Terrain Race 12K
June 29 - Rush to Infinity Run 15K
August 17 - MH Miracle Run 10K
September 28 - Run Forest Run 4.4K
October 11 - Adidas KOTR 10K

Looking back at my runs, I was nowhere near my 2008 goal of running my first ever marathon. But instead, this is what I have accomplished.

1. Longest run was 15K.
2. Average run was 10K.
3. Most active month was June (3 runs).

And because I don't run regularly and don't prepare for my runs, I got injured. I have learned my lesson. For 2009, my goal is to put in more miles and to choose my runs wisely. Overall, I'm still targeting to run my first (and hopefully not my last) marathon towards the last quarter of the year. And this time, I hopefully will be able to achieve this because I have prepared.